Why choose us?

AdjustmentsWith so many different treatment options, it is important to find one that fits you. We offer a number of services at Godshall Chiropractic.

Adjustments – Dr. Godshall is licensed to perform spinal and extremity adjustments. By finding joints which are locked, and restoring healthy motion, a patient can utilize balanced global motion (as opposed to excessive movement or a lack of movement at various segments).

Active Release Technique -Dr. Godshall spent years getting continuing education to reach the status of a full-body certified Active Release Treatment provider. By utilizing ART, it is possible for your Doctor of Chiropractic to free up muscles that may have accumulated scar tissue and adhesions from prior injuries. Whether it’s pain when lifting your arm to comb your hair or a slip and fall on the sidewalk, ART is a very effective tool for pain relief and injury repair. For more information, please visit the ART website. Dr. Godshall is proud to partner with IronMan as a result of his ART training.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Prescription – Dr. Godshall is licensed to perform physiotherapy. This may include stretching/strengthening prescriptions and information on proper lifting techniques. The office is equipped with exercise balls, therabands, balance boards, and a vibrating platform.

Custom Orthotics – With the use of Foot Levelers custom scanning device, patients can order orthotics specially fitted to their foot. This is of tremendous benefit to those with foot pain, but it doesn’t stop there. Due to walking and the foot’s effect on the rest of the body, they are often effective to help with knee, hip, and back pain. The scan is painless and is very useful to people with collapsed arches or sensitive feet.

Supplements – Godshall Chiropractic keeps vitamins and supplements, Celtic sea salt, Sombra Warm, Biotone Polar Lotion, and Zinc Lozenges with Vitamin C in stock at the office for your convenience.